Microsoft Announces The Xbox One

By Spencer Pressly on May 21, 2013, 7:36PM EST

Today was a big day for the next generation of home consoles since Microsoft revealed their next console, the Xbox One. This event showed off a lot of technical information for the upcoming console as well as unveiled what the console will look like. There was no talk about release date or price besides launching this year worldwide.

Inside the brand new Xbox One (that happens to look as big as a VCR) is a lot of the powerful systems that were rumored to be in the Xbox One previous to it announcement. Xbox One will have a 8 core CPU, 8GB system memory, 500 GB HDD, Blu-ray Drive, USB 3.0 support, and a Wi-Fi Direct. Even with all of this impressive power, Microsoft decided to show off how it work with the Xbox One's apps rather than games.

You can now browse your homepage (which looks very similar to Windows 8) and "snap to" any other app immanently with little to no load time. Comparing this to the Wii U's sluggish UI in comparison really shows the difference between the two systems. Xbox One will also allow you to watch live TV on the system and even use skype group video chats. You don't just need to use one app at a time and can have two apps running side by side to continue your experience on the Xbox One.

Moving on from the social and entertainment side of the Xbox One, Microsoft had two exclusive games to show off for the future of Xbox. First was Forza 5 which will extend the racing simulator that has been rivaling Sony's exclusive Grand Turismo series since launch. Little information is know besides it will be a pretty looking racing game, but at this point that is almost enough to warrant a purchase and at the very least hype for this new title.

The next exclusive title was made by Alan Wake developer Remedy and is Quantum Break. There was a short trailer showing off a live action mother and daughter as well as a ship glitching through the world as it crashes into a bridge. Every thing else seems to be up to speculation as the trailer didn't tell you anything else about what to expect.

More exclusive titles will be shown off at E3 2013 in a few weeks from now, but other games were shown off for the newly announced Xbox One. Titles like Assassin's Creed IV, Watch Dogs, Thief, and Battlefield 4 have been confirmed to come to the Xbox One as well. The final game that was talked about has been the heavily talked about next Call of Duty game. Call of Duty Ghost will be on the Xbox One and just like the 360, the next Xbox will be the first place to experience CoD DLC first.

Not as much game talk was at this event, but for those wondering what the system would be called, what it looks like, and what is inside the system have actually been answered. There is much more news about the Xbox One that will be covered leading up to its launch sometime this year. What did you think of the reveal for the Xbox One and how would you compare it to the PS4? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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