Microsoft Employees Were Cheering At Reveal, Not Press

By Jared Scott on May 24, 2013, 5:30PM EST

It seems that Microsoft is developing a bad habit using smoke and mirrors when it comes to the Xbox One. No sooner is it revealed that the Xbox One does require an internet connection, it comes to light that the cheers and applause during the reveal came from Microsoft's own employees and not the press.

This revelation comes from the tweets of two notable sources. The first was from none other than Adam Sessler who tweeted, "The cheering in the audience is not coming from the press..." Giant Bomb employee, Jeff Gersmann, actually deleted his tweet, but it was documented by a NeoGAF member. The documented post says, "Applause is coming from the back of the room...Pretty sure that's where all the MS employees are."

According to Gamnesia, there are currently two theories as to why this happened. One, the Microsoft employees were told to cheer or, two, they were genuinely happy to see their product finally revealed.

Regardless of the true reasons behind the employees cheering, this does not paint Microsoft in a good light. With enough questionable activities already surrounding the Xbox One, Microsoft may have started off the new Xbox on the wrong foot.

Source: Gamnesia

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