New Pokémon X And Y Scans Introduce New Protagonists And Pokémon

By Melissa Evans on May 11, 2013, 6:29PM EST

CoroCoro magazine has been leaked revealing four new Pokémon, a better look at the protagonists, new attacks, the region's name, and the both of the game's boxart. Pokémon X and Y takes place in the region known a Karos and as many people speculated it is based on France. The city shown in the first X/Y trailers, Miare City is one of the region's main cities and the Eiffel Tower-like structure can be found there.

The goat Pokémon Gogoat is described as the Ride Pokémon and is a Grass-type. The player can actually ride on this Pokémon on the field as seen in the artwork on the scan showing the artwork of the two protagonists. It can learn Horn Leech and is said to be a gentle Pokémon.

Next up we have the Fighting-type panda Pokémon Yancham. It possesses a new move called Parting Remark that lowers its opponent's stats and then forces the user to retreat. The little bird shown is called Yayakoma and is a Normal/Flying Japanese Robin Pokémon. It learns Nitro Charge and is known for announcing itself with its beautiful chirping. Lastly the lizard Elikiteru the Generator Pokémon and is a Electric/Normal-type. Its new move Parabola Charge has the same effect as Giga Drain.

Players can customize their character's skin ton, hair, and eye color as shown in the scans. In addition the box art was shown off. Nintendo promises more detailed information on the May 19th episode of Pokémon Smash TV. Pokémon X and Y releases this October worldwide for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: PokeBeach

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