Nintendo Discusses Animal Crossing: New Leaf On YouTube

By Jared Scott on May 23, 2013, 10:12AM EDT

Taking a proactive stance with it's upcoming release, Nintendo has released a series of YouTube videos titled Inside the Treehouse with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. These videos not only reveal gameplay footage, but also teaches the viewer what makes Animal Crossing: New Leaf so special and so unique.

The treehouse videos star various employees of Nintendo of America who've been a part the localization process for the Animal Crossing series. Each video focusses on a specific topic such as Your First Day In Town, Being The Mayor, Customizing Your House, and Connectivity. Each video will better help gamers understand not just the gameplay aspects of New Leaf, but also the overall theme: make the town your own.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf releases exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS June 9th both as a single game and as a 3DS XL Bundle for $219.99.

Source: YouTube

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