Square Enix Releases Three More Albums In The States

By Jared Scott on May 28, 2013, 7:18PM EST

Roughly two weeks after releasing Vagrant Story's soundtrack, Square Enix does another solid by releasing three albums from the Final Fantasy series. One of the albums is the original soundtrack of Final Fantasy XIII-2, while the remaining two are special arrangements of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon has a, well, Celtic flavor. If your unaware of what Celtic is, think along the lines of the Disney movie Brave. Final Fantasy V - Dear Friends contains arrangements of tracks such as Ahead On Our Way, Pirates Ahoy, My Home, Sweet Home, and Waltz Suomi. Coincidently, Final Fantasy XIII-2's music was recently discussed some in the latest episode of FFU (which you should really listen to by the way). It is also, perhaps, the most diverse of the three albums. With everything from the normal instrumental music to techno pop, rap, and something about a Crazy Chocobo, most fans of music will probably find enjoyment from it simply from the creative mash-up of different genres.

If you are interesting in checking out these great albums, you can purchase Celtic Moon for $9.99, Dear Friends for $9.66, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 for a larger $24.99.

Source: iTunes

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