The Humble Double Fine Bundle Kicks Off

By Jared Scott on May 7, 2013, 2:40PM EST

The indie friendly Humble Bundle and Double Fine have teamed up to offer great deals from Double Fine's vault of games all the while donating most of the proceedings to charity.

As with the previous Humble Bundles, you can pay what you want to score some great games and their soundtracks or pay above the average to unlock an extra game or two. For this bundle, the games you can get for any price are Costume Quest, Psychonauts, two Psychonaut albums, and Stacking. Paying above the average donation (currently $6.62) will land you Brutal Legends and its soundtrack.

Something a little different this time around are the two extra brackets of games and merchandise that can be acquired for some extra cash. For a total of $35 donation, you'll receive all four games, the soundtracks, and pre-order Double Fine's Kickstarter project, Broken Age. If you still have more cash to burn, for $70 you can get all this and a t-shirt with worldwide shipping.

With its charity giving, cross platform downloads, and affordable deals, HumbleBundle has been serving both developers and gamers a like for the past few years. If you like Double Fine, great deals, or just want to help charity, the Humble Double Fine Bundle will be right here until May 21.

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