White Premium Wii U Coming To Japan With Improved GamePad Battery

By Melissa Evans on May 31, 2013, 2:02AM EDT
Wii UWii

Nintendo has made a ton of new Wii U announcements for Japan, including a new White Deluxe Bundle, 'fast charge' device for Wii Remotes and a GamePad battery upgrade accessory.

This new package will allow Japanese customers to mix the color of the 8GB with the larger storage space of the the Black Premium 32GB HDD. It's due out in the East on July 13th. So far there has been no confirmation of it coming out in the west.

Additionally, Nintendo has also announced an improved battery pack for the Gamepad. The standard 1500mAh version that's bundled with the console offers about three to five hours of life. In comparison the new 2550mAh capacity pack will increase this to around five to eight hours. This will be out in Japan on July 25th.

Finally, they have also officially announced a Quick Charge Set for Wii Remotes. The entire set containing the battery pack, charging dock, WiiMote case and strap will run for ¥4,200 starting July 13th.

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