E3 2013: A Link Between Worlds Releases This November In North America

By Jared Scott on June 13, 2013, 10:09AM EDT

Not long after announcing the official name for the next Legend of Zelda title on the 3DS, Nintendo specified when in the Winter of 2013 it would be released. While the day was not given, the month has been confirmed as November for the United States.

A Link Between Worlds is a direct sequel the SNES classic, A Link To The Past. Reliving the SNES world in 3D, there are also hints at returning to the Dark World that can be seen in the game's title by the "shadow" cast by the Triforce. In this game, Link can make use of a mallet to flatten smiling platforms that, in turn, launch him upwards to the next floor. Nintendo has also shown that Link will have the ability to become a 2D drawing that can traverse on walls.

While Europe may have to wait a little longer to play the next installment of the legendary series, North America will be able to take up the new adventure of Link just in time for Christmas.

Source: IGN

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