E3 2013: EA Press Conference Live Blog

By Spencer Pressly on June 10, 2013, 4:01PM EST

Following the Microsoft press conference, EA will be following with their annual conference. There are going to lots of talk for Battlefield 4, EA Sports, and hopefully a lot of surprises. There are plenty of streams out there for all the conferences going on today, but if you need a stream to watch just click here for a reliable stream.

4:00 PM The show is now over thanks for joining us on our coverage again. The next live blog will be Ubisoft's Press Conference at 5PM Central Standard Time.

3:57 PM DICE has finally announced Miorrs Egde 2 coming "When it's ready". The trailer truly was a great ending to the press conference.

3:55 PM Multiplayer in BF4 has literal skyscraper take downs...WOW

3:52 PM Sea combat is now a very viable option unlike previous Battlefield game.

3:50 PM Map sides are defiantly bigger than ever before and destruction is defiantly back.

3:48 PM Battlefield 4 is now showing 64 player multiplayer on PC.

3:47 PM Battlefield 4 will feature combat on land, air, and sea in the game.

3:38 PM Drake takes the stage to talk all about FIFA 14.

3:28 PM As we start talking about Sports I now go into a cave where I deny the word BounceTek is a thing.

3:26 PM EA Sports shows off their newest engine running all of this years titles.

3:25 PM Dragon Age Inquisition gives us a look at the next entry, but just ends up looking like a prettier version of DA2.

3:22 PM Need for Speed Rivals will let you start single player races and friends can join in as the cops to take you down making it a multiplayer race in the end. Also Jesse Pinkman came in to say hi sadly didn't say "yo" and/or "Bitch".

3:17 PM Need for Speed Rival is announced for next generation consoles and Criterion is showing it off.

3:16 PM DICE is making a new Star Wars Battlefront. Hoth planet confimred.

3:13 PM Titan Fall developer diary explains a bit of what we saw in the Xbox One footage.

3:10 PM Peggle 2 Coming mic drop No more words.

3:07 PM Garden Warfare shows off some four player co-op and still has turrets to handle Zombies.

3:05 PM Garden Warfare is a third person shooter action game and will release first on Xbox One.

3:04 PM Plant vs Zombies 3 is now Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.

3:02 PM Peter Moore takes on to the stage and will be showing 11 "great games"

3:00 PM It begins...now with a light show

Lets hope to see some Lucas Arts news or maybe the long rumored Mirrors Edge 2 finally. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below as we cover the event.

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