E3 2013: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Now Final Fantasy XV

By Melissa Evans on June 11, 2013, 1:23AM EST

Today at Sony's E3 press conference Tetsuya Nomura gave the audience a video message that proved that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is indeed still alive and will now be named Final Fantasy XV. After nearly seven years since Versus has been announced and pushed into the background for so long it looks like we will finally be seeing more information on this Next Generation Final Fantasy title in the near future.

The trailer that was shown off shows a massive amount of gameplay as well as Japanese voice overs. It appears that Square Enix has been hard at work giving this game a complete make over as everything shown is more stunning then ever before. See the trailer bellow.

Final Fantasy XV will be coming to the PS4 in the near future. It's nice to know that this was Square Enix's big reveal and that the game isn't forgotten.

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