E3 2013: Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy XV Go Multi-platform

By Spencer Pressly on June 11, 2013, 3:26PM EDT

The Sony press conference last night surprised a lot of people, but one of the biggest surprises was Final Fantasy XV (previously Versus XIII) and Kingdom Hearts 3 were coming to the PS4. This led some to think that the games were going to be PlayStation exclusives, but this is not the case actually.

Square Enix held a meeting talking about many of their upcoming titles and revealed that both games would be releasing worldwide on Xbox One as well. This came as a bit of a surprise since FFXV started as a PS3 exclusive and Kingdom Hearts has never been on any Xbox before.

Neither game will be releasing anytime soon, but we did find out that the same team isn't developing both games. The original Kingdom Hearts team is working on FFXV and the Osaka Team (from Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance) are working on KH3. This should make the wait for KH3 shorter than waiting for FFXV to finish development and the Osaka Team has proven they know how to make a great KH title already.

If you are a Xbox fan and hoping to play any of the past Kingdom Hearts games don't get your hopes up since Square Enix has said they don't plan on releasing any of the previous games leading up to KH3. What platform will you be getting both of these games on and which one are you more excited for? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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