E3 2013: Kingdom Hearts 3 Details From The Future Of Final Fantasy Event

By Mike Sousa on June 11, 2013, 7:48PM EST

With the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III yesterday, many fans were happy to finally see the long waited Kingdom Hearts game that would mark the end of the "Xehanort Saga".

Today, during Square Enix's Future of Final Fantasy Event, Square Enix CEO Matsuda and Disney Interactive CEO John Pleasants discussed some details about the new Kingdom Hearts title. They revealed that in this game, Sora will be more mature, with Donald, Goofy and Mickey being featured along with new Disney worlds. They also mentioned that the Osaka Team, responsible for the production of Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance, is developing the game.

They also made clear that Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be a PS4 exclusive as it will be arriving on the Xbox One as well. However when asked about the possibility of having other Kingdom Hearts games on Xbox platforms they said that didn't have any plans, so we can assume the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix or other HD Collections will remain PS3 Exclusives.

Matsuda finished this Kingdom Hearts III presentation by revealing some story details, "Believing light and darkness must remain in balance, Master Xehanort seeks to spark war against the tyranny of light to restore equilibrium. In an effort to undermine Xehanort's plot, Sora, Donald and Goofy search for seven guardians of light and the Key to Return Hearts, while King Mickey and Riku search for previous Keyblade wielders. KINGDOM HEARTS III features a mature Sora as the main protagonist who sets forth on an adventure with Mickey, Donald and Goofy through new and legendary Disney worlds. KINGDOM HEARTS III will make full use of next generation console technologies to showcase a stunning universe packed full of worlds based on Disney properties."

With so much information revealed and the Kingdom Hearts 3 official website now live, it's safe to assume that the game is far more ahead in development than most would expect.

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