E3 2013: Microsoft Press Conference Live Blog

By Spencer Pressly on June 10, 2013, 12:29PM EDT

The 2013 Microsoft E3 Press Conference is kicking off E3 2013 today. We will be covering the latest news and announcements from this conference that starts at 11:30 AM Central Stand Time. There are plenty of streams out there for all the conferences going on today, but if you need a stream to watch just click here for a reliable stream.

1:06 PM That is the end so be sure to let us know what you thought of it in the comments below! Hope you liked the coverage and we will be covering the rest of the conferences later on today. EA is next with their conference at 3PM Central Standard Time.

1:03 PM Titan Fall shows off the multiplayer and is much more than your average COD clone. Mechs, dropships, jetpacks, and platforming multiplayer is a great way to end the show.

12:59 PM Respawn Entertainments new title Titan Fall finishes up the conference and sure feels like it was made from the old Infinity Ward developers.

12:56 PM The Xbox One will release worldwide in November for $499 Thoughts?

12:53 PM A Brand New Halo is shown off and for some reason has Master Chief in a poncho...while he is still in his suit. Halo's Debut on Xbox One will run at 60 fps.

12:50 PM Below is a brand new indie game from guys who worked on Sword and Sworcery EP.

12:45 PM New Battlefield 4 has a brand new demo with tons of explosions and is looking great.

12:43 PM The conference seems to be riddled with technical issues, but can't wait to see all the GIFs that will fallow this.

12:40 PM The Witcher 3 gameplay is shown off and lives up to all the hype leading up to this moment.

12:37 PM Dead Rising 3 will release on the Xbox One exclusively this holiday.

12:33 PM DR3 will be an open world game with no load times. You can also create creative weapons anywhere now.

12:31 PM Dead Rising 3 is officially announced!

12:30 PM Sound DLC confirmed for Crimson Dragon on Xbox One!

12:26 PM Time to get a good look at Killer Instinct using the Xbox One's social upload features and broadcasting live on Twitch straight from the system.

12:23 PM Time to take a break from the games and talk about some social features! Time to go get that sandwich or bathroom break.

12:22 PM Spark seems to love puns and ROCKS!

12:18 PM Project Spark seems to be Microsoft's answer to Little Big Planet using Kinect and Smartglass.

12:16 PM Sweary65 (Deadly Premonitions Creator) is making a new episodic murder mystery on the Xbox One and seems to use Kinect.

12:15 PM Quantum Break will redefine storytelling in games and we now get a look at the game running live. You play as a man who was part of a failed experiment that lets him stop time.

12:12 PM Microsoft is not forgetting Indie devs on the Xbox One. Starting off strong with Minecraft on Xbox One. Looks like they didn't like that Gold PSOne.

12:09 PM Finally you don't even need to touch your controller to play a racing game with Forza 5. The new trailer shown off is sure to impress anyone ready for a great looking racing game on the Xbox One.

12:08 PM Forza 5 will have a drivatar, the cars are finally learning how you play.

12:06 PMReal Life Cars! Look at those car graphics.

12:03 PM Insomniac's newest title Sunset Overdrive looks fun and cartoony. Can't wait till it looks realistic in a year from now.

12:02 PM C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker Killer Instinct Reboot is happening!

12:00 PM Crytek has been looking for a way to make this game for a long time...without using Kinect. Thank you Xbox One!

11:58 AM Every kill in Ryse seems to only be done with a quick time even...thoughts?

11:57 AM You really seem to act like a team of Roman soldiers in Ryse also it is looking beautiful.

11:55 AM Ryse seems to have dropped the Kinect since you can use QTE's to attack

11:53 AM RYSE: Son of Rome is now being shown off from Crytek.

11:52 AM Dark Souls 2 looks like it will kill you in all sorts of news ways all over again. Now onto the Xbox One games!

11:50 AM Max: The Cure of Brotherhood and Dark Souls 2 are shown off and still look good on the Xbox 360.

11:48 AM World of Tanks will be on Xbox 360 this summer.

11:45 AM Assassin's Creed 2 and Halo 3 will now be free to download on the 360.

11:44 AM A new Xbox 360 is available now that looks similar to the Xbox One.

11:42 AM The new trailer for MGSV had a great look at all new sorts of characters and a good showing for Snakes new voice actor.

11:38 AM Big Boss sneaks in Afghanistan with an all new way to stealth with horses.

11:35 AM Konami starts the show with MGS V The Phantom Pain

11:30 AM The conference begins!

The reveal event for the Xbox One did not go over very well and now Microsoft will be talking all about games. Lets just hope that we don't hear the words "TV, sports, or Kinect" to much. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below as the conference as we cover it here in this live blog.

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