E3 2013: More Shown For Quantum Break On The Xbox One

By Jared Scott on June 10, 2013, 1:30PM EDT

Showing off a brand new Xbox One exclusive, Remedy introduces Quantum Break. In this game you take advantage of time flowing improperly to save lives while solving mysteries.

In the trailer shown, a man and woman of an unspecified group enter a lab that has frozen in time during an explosion. Grabbing hold of a scientist frozen in the middle of the explosion, the male brings the scientist out of the frozen segment of time into his own. A few words are exchange about how this scientist is needed to solve the mystery of the erratic time streams and find out who is after her. The conversation is cut short as time begins to flow normally once again allowing the explosion to resume, ending the video.

This new use of time "travel" may be just the kind of element the Xbox One needs for a killer exclusive.

Source: E3 2013

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