E3 2013: NBA LIVE 14 Revealed

By Jared Scott on June 10, 2013, 4:49PM EDT

Taking the opportunity to show of the new Ignite Engine, EA announced NBA LIVE 14 for the PS4 and Xbox One. While trailers were brief, EA explained just how they will take the series to the next level.

The greatest focus of the game was the improvement of the basketball dribble. Displaying the animations on screen, EA explained that unlike previous titles that the basketball was its own object. This new breakthrough granted by the Ignite Engine will allow a greater sense of "creative freedom" for players as the dribble the basketball to the net. They even invited a rapper to compare basketball to art in verse.

Another feature for NBA LIVE 14 was the guarantee of constant player updates. The stats will be updated within the hour leading to the most up-to-date tweaks and corrections made to the roster of players in order to create an experience accurate to the real world.

While gameplay footage was brief, the inclusion of greater accuracy to the physics of the characters and basketball are sure to please long time fans of the series.

Source: E3 2013

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