E3 2013: TitanFall Comes To Xbox One Spring 2014

By Jared Scott on June 10, 2013, 2:25PM EDT

Not yet satisfied with zombies and time travel, Xbox One brings giant mechs courtesy of Respawn Entertainment's latest title Titan Fall. In Titan Fall you take on this FPS both inside and outside the giant Titan mechs.

After opening up with a friend standing over a comrade's grave, the gameplay quickly jumps to the combat crew of a large spaceship preparing to battle for the commodity of fuel. As you and your men jump down, you quickly navigate the terrain of dilapidated building using jetpack-like devices that let you jump to reach the tops of the buildings. Similar to Brink, you can also run across walls temporarily to reach other roofs.

As you duck and run past enemy Titans, you reach a clearing were you summon your own Titan. As it picks you up into its chest, the HUD changes into a divided oval. Using both guns and magnetic powers from the Titan's hand, you destroy other mechs in your way. One scene has the protagonist rip out the pilot from the enemy machine and toss him away. After a few more moments of battle, your pilot ejects from his destroyed mech and land upon the enemy Titan. Without pause, he quickly fires on the weak areas of exposed wires destroying the Titan.

As the screen went black, the announcer stated that Titan Fall will be available Spring 2014.

Source: E3 2013

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