E3 2013: Ubisoft Press Conference Live Blog

By Spencer Pressly on June 10, 2013, 6:03PM EDT

The Ubisoft press conference is about to kick off their latest press conference for E3 2013. The show will show the latest releases from Ubisoft such as Assassin's Creed IV, Watch Dogs, and the new South Park game.

6:15 PM Tom Clancy's The Division is an online, open world, RPG coming out for PS4 and Xbox One. Move over Watch Dogs, the E3 hype train will be for The Division.

6:10 PM The game is being played on PS4.

6:09 PM Time for this un named game to be shown off and is looking quite interesting. Get ready to move over Watch Dogs.

6:05 PM Before the show is done, Ubisoft announces a brand new game from Massive Entertainment.

6:01 PM Trails Fusion takes the fun and crazy game into the future on next generations systems. While Trials Frontier will be on mobile devices.

5:59 PM Time for the first of a few in game demos we will see for AC4.

5:55 PM The brand new CG trailer lives up to the series reputation for high quality videos. Now if only we didn't have to wait to play the game so long.

5:52 PM Time to put the bunnies away and talk all about Assassin's Creed IV.

5:48 PM Childrens TV just got a lot weirder...

5:46 PMRabbids Invasion the TV show will be on your TV and interactive screens.

5:45 PM Just Dance 2014 when did we miss the past 2010 titles since last year? Just Dance 2014 releases this holiday season.

5:43 PM Watch Dogs continues to show that playing neither good nor bad can be just as rewarding.

5:40 PM Even though it may have been leaked a new trailer for Watch Dogs is very cool.

5:39 PM Now it is time to see how E3 will surprise people like they did last E3 with Watch Dogs.

5:37 PM As sick as this may sound it is really odd to see a game that finally has crazy fast cars now driving in a world with people in it.

5:35 PM There is a big focus on team work as well in The Crew. Very similar to how Burnout Paradise worked online.

5:32 PM The drive is currently being played on the Xbox One.

5:30 PM The Crew will be a brand new way to play racing games online and has an equally as impressive. Has a Burnout feel and has giant maps that take place in real places.

5:26 PM A crazy new trailer is shown off for The Crew announces the game. Coming Early 2014 to next generations systems.

5:22 PM South Park the game will be release this holiday season.

5:21 PM Now time to find out about what is new in South Park The Stick of Truth. Beware the Nagasaki!

5:18 PM Ubisoft announces a new game The Mighty Game of Epic Loot. Seems to be a new kind of Diablo game with a more cartoony look and feel.

5:16 PM Rayman Legends will have new musical levels and over 120 levels this September.

5:13 PM Hard to believe that it has been a year since we first saw Rayman Legends at E3 2012. This time we have a new trailer and looks just as good.

5:12 PM The new Splinter Cell trailer really doesn't eant to go full screen at all apparently.

5:08 PM Ubisoft is starting off strong (not counting that real conference) with Splinter Cell Blacklist.

5:05 PM Rocksmith 2014 Edition apparently is a thing sadly girlwood has not died since last year.

5:02 PM Sorry for the late start, but we start the show with some Rocksmith.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the conference as we cover it in the comments below. Don't forget that you can check out a good E3 stream here.

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