E3 2013: Xbox 360 Gets New Look, Two Free Games A Month For Gold Members

By Jared Scott on June 10, 2013, 1:03PM EDT

Promising that the Xbox 360 still has some life within it, Microsoft has created a new design for the new 360 that is available starting today. Microsoft is also taking a page from the PlayStation Plus membership and implementing it into Xbox Live.

The new 360 has a very similar design as the Xbox One. Not just being a slimmer and more quite system, it also has the multi-texture look of the Xbox One. For Xbox Live Gold members, every month members will receive two free games. These first two games come from the Assassins Creed and Halo franchises.

While some are certain to call foul on the PS+ influence, Microsoft certainly sees this as another way to justify Xbox Gold subscriptions.

Source: E3 2013

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