OUYA Almost Silenced By ESA

By Jared Scott on June 12, 2013, 9:28AM EDT

After trying to work around joining E3 while still benefiting from its crowd gathering, the OUYA team was almost forced to leave from their location across from E3. The ESA, who owns E3, resorted to calling the LAPD after renting the area in front of the OUYA presentation failed.

OUYA's plans had been to rent out a location across the street from E3 in order to display the console, but on June 11 at 9 a.m., the ESA rented the space in front of the OUYA display and parked semi-trucks in the way of the displays. Feeling like this was an attempt to remove OUYA's presence from the public, Julie Uhrman, founder of the OUYA, rented out the space in front of the semis to continue displaying the Android console.

In a final attempt to end the team's attempt to circumnavigate E3, the ESA called the LAPD. The police came to the OUYA booth, asked to see their permits, determined everything was in order, and left. Uhrman said that she would not let this hamper her efforts to spread the word of OUYA and that she still had a few tricks up her sleeve should the ESA try to stop them again.

How do you feel about the ESA's actions? Where they justified since Uhrman's team was so close to the E3 building, or was ESA in the wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: IGN, Gamasutra

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