Scrolls Beta Released Today

By Jared Scott on June 3, 2013, 8:43AM EDT

After much anticipation from both gamers and Mojang, the Scrolls beta has been released for purchase. Though not a "complete" game, Scrolls already has many features up and running that gamers can sink their teeth into.

Scrolls is basically a trading card game much like Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering. Each player has a deck of 50 scrolls that can fight for you, but, unlike some card games, the cards you draw will appear on a battlefield divided up into octagonal platforms.

Some current features that are up are Trading, the Store, Trials which teach you strategies and reward you with gold, Quick Matches for single and multiplayer, Challenge Matches, and Ranked Matches. While items can be bought with actual money (called shards) instead of in-game gold, Mojang has promised that this is optional and will never be a requirement.

Though the Beta will cost users $20, Mojang promises that all future updates will be for free just like "that other game, the one with the Creepers."

Source: Scrolls

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