Sega Announces Three Sonic Titles For Ouya

By Beyhan Moustafa on June 6, 2013, 4:31AM EDT

As the developer list for the Ouya is steadily growing, Sega has now thrown in their support for the $99 Android console with three Sonic titles.

Sega will be releasing Sonic 4: Episode 1 and 2, and Sonic CD to the console. These games will be designed specifically for the Ouya. They will be available for the Ouya on the 27th of June, 2013.

"For us, there were a couple of things that were exciting about Ouya," says Sega of America's director of mobile business, David Zemke. "One is obviously that it's a great gaming platform on a new device. When you get the chance to hook it up to an HDTV and watch it on a big screen, it's actually quite impressive. It's disruptive technology, right?

It's fun to see what these technologies can do and be a part of it from the beginning. For those two reasons alone, we've looked at it as yet another reason to bring some great Sega content to a whole new audience."

Source: Kotaku

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