SWTOR Update 2.3 Now Live For Testing

By Darryl Kaye on June 30, 2013, 4:28PM EDT

BioWare has just pushed SWTOR update 2.3 live on their public test server and are encouraging those with high level, copied characters to check it out.

This latest update for Star Wars: The Old Republic includes a new mission area called CZ-198. It's a daily mission area available for Level 55 characters and is based on a small, private moon where Czerka's secrets are held. Both the Empire and Republic are looking to seize control of the moon.

Another addition comes in the form of a Flashpoint called Czerka Corporate Labs. Here, you're tasked with infiltrating Czerka's HQ on CZ-198 in order to take down Rasmus Blys. He's a scientist responsible for developing deadly weaponry. This Flashpoint is classified as neutral and is pushing fast queue times. There's also a hard mode available for those who want an additional challenge.

Last up is another Flashpoint called Czerka Core Meltdown. In this instance, you're racing to stop a core meltdown on CZ-198 while fighting against the HQ's security system. It's known as "The Vigilant", but don't let that deter you. Again, this is classified as neutral, with a hard mode available.

Patch 2.3 also fixes numerous elements of the game's economy, but also fixes some bugs on the Alderaan PvP warzone. There is also a graphical update which will make the environments have more vibrant colours.

Source: SWTOR

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