Tetsuya Nomura Talks Sequels For Final Fantasy XV

By Jared Scott on June 13, 2013, 10:43AM EDT

Sequels tend to be a four-lettered word amongst Final Fantasy fans, but that hasn't stopped Nomura's plans on continuing "A World of the Versus Epic." In fact, the game director intends for there to be multiple direct sequels.

Nomura talked some about how the line of text in the Final Fantasy XV trailers that said, "A World of the Versus Epic" was basically a confirmation of future sequels. While sequels tend to not bode well in Final Fantasy, Tetsuya Nomura's track record with Kingdom Hearts may change the trend. Also, the director was quick to state that waiting another eight years for a sequel would not be the case. In his interview, he even hinted that sequels would be released episodically to cut down on waiting times.

With promising more information to come soon about releasing the sequels, we could see more announcements in this September's Tokyo Game Show.

Source: IGN

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