The Witcher 3: Up To 100 Hours In Story And Open World

By Mike Sousa on June 10, 2013, 10:28AM EST

According to what CD Projekt has revealed on the magazine EDGE, the story mode of The Witcher 3 will take approximately 50 hours to complete. However, players will need another 40-50 hours to complete all the sidequests in the open world.

Marek Ziemak, the gameplay producer, said "Skyrim, which I think we all love, is a rather short game in terms of the main storyline, if you just want to focus on that element and you're not that interested in exploring the world, it's not that big. But that's the core of The Witcher 3: the main story. It's 40, 50 hours, plus the open world."

Ziemak also revealed that the combat system of his new game will be "closer, more personal, and a bit more bloody." The game will also have a new ability, Witcher Senses, which seems to be inspired on the Detective Mode used in the recent Batman games, and will be used to identify the ememy's weak points during combat and chase them in the open world.

Source: Edge

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