Zynga Loses Two More Big-Wig Employees

By Jared Scott on June 25, 2013, 11:16AM EDT

After laying off hundreds of its staff and shutting down a number of its studios, Zynga is now losing the head of their third-party relations and the head of its Chinese office. While both individuals stated that they left of their own accord, it does not speak well of the casual games giant.

Rob Dyer, who was responsible for third-party relations, was originally hired in 2011. In his official statement, he talked searching for new opportunities that will allow him to continue in the mobile and social games space. His background includes being the Senior Vice President of publisher relation at Sony Computer Entertainment, president of Eidos, and president of Crystal Dynamics.

Andy Tim of Zynga's Chinese offices has yet to leave the company, but will do so within the end of the month. He worked at the Chinese office for three years, and will be succeeded by the former producer of Asia's EA Mobile, John Yin.

While it's nothing new to hear of employees leaving a company to pursue new goals, it's a different story when they leave from a company that shows signs of future collapse.

Source: Gamasutra

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