Acttil To Publish Blik-0 1946 By Nobuo Uematsu

By Melissa Evans on July 28, 2013, 8:30PM EDT

Recently publisher Acttil announced that they will be publishing their first e-book titled "Blik-0 1946", written by renowned video game composer of Final Fantasy fame Nobuo Uematsu. The e-book is set to release this August.

"Blik-0 1946" is a 53-page picture e-book, featuring illustrations by Hiroki Ogawa, that tells to story of a robot named Bilnk-0 who was created by Dr. Mabuse, an artificial intelligence scientist. Blink-0 was created with the ability to emulate the human heart and brain. Follow Blik-0 as he struggles to deal with his newly discovered emotions such as sadness, anger and love.

Acttil will release "Blik-0 1946" on the iTunes Store this August for $9.99. Also included will be three original music tracks composed by Nobuo Uematsu. They are titled"Blik-0 1946", "Ah, But Why?" and "So Close". Be sure to check out the photos bellow for a sneak peak at the e-book.

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