BioShock Infinite DLC Detailed

By Spencer Pressly on July 30, 2013, 2:16PM EDT

Some of you may have forgotten about BioShock Infinite with all of The Last Us hype going on, but the fine folks at Irrational Games have finally revealed details about the game's DLC. First off Clash In The Clouds releases today and will test your Vigor, Gear, Tears, and Sky-Lines skills in ways you never expected. This DLC will have 60 challenges in four all new environments surviving wave after wave of enemies. You will also be unlock Blue Ribbons by completing certain challenges.

These ribbons will not be easy to get, but will unlock concept art, Kinetoscopes, new Voxophones, and even more in The Columbian Archeological Society. This all new area is a museum similar to the museum DLC included in Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition only. Clash In The Clouds will also have brand new trophies/achievements along with leaderboard support to keep you competing with your friends online for the top score.

If you are still not satisfied with Clash In The Clouds, then the last two pieces of story DLC is sure to have you excited. Burial At Sea has you returning to Rapture in a brand new story that has Booker and Elizabeth in the underwater city on the eve of it's downfall. Not much is known about this story, but a teaser trailer shows off a very clean and previously unseen side of Rapture.

Burial At Sea will be split into two episodes and will wrap up BioShock Infinite's Season Pass. While you will be playing as Booker in Episode One, Episode Two will actually have you playing as fan favorite character Elizabeth. Each episode will feature the best Plasmids/Vigors, Tears, Sky-Lines, and even Big Daddies.

The last two pieces of DLC are scheduled to released sometime before March 2014. Do you plan on playing BioShock Infinite again after all of the DLC news? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

We will have our impressions of Clash In The Clouds posted later this week so stayed tune!

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