Devil Survivor 2 Needs 1,800 Pre-Orders To Come To Europe

By Spencer Pressly on July 29, 2013, 4:32PM EST

Devil Survivor 2 was suppose to become available to pre-order this week in Europe, but publisher Ghostlight run into a bit of a problem. They are still waiting on final approval that was included in the European Edition of the game. So until the game get the go ahead in approval, pre-orders will not be up.

While sharing this information on their official blog, Ghostlight also informed us that they will not be able to publish Devil Survivor 2 in Europe without getting at least 1,800 pre-orders. This is to meet manufacturing costs and if the goal is not met then all pre-orders will be refunded.

If the pre-order goal is met they should be able to have the game manufactured and shipped by the end of September. Also the sooner the pre-orders reach that goal, the sooner the manufacturing can begin. So if you live in Europe and want to play this DS classic be sure to pre-order as soon as possible.

Enjoy the trailer for the European version of the game above and we will let you know when pre-orders open up in the future. Will you be pre-ordering the EU version of Devil Survivor 2? If you are be sure to spread the word and get as many pre-orders as possible on this game.

Source: Official Ghostlight Blog

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