Final Fantasy 7 Comes To Steam

By Jared Scott on July 4, 2013, 8:55AM EDT

Classic Final Fantasy fans and PC gamers scored a win today as PC sensation Steam has listed Final Fantasy VII amongst its lists of RPG games. Just like the digital download on Square Enix's official site, FFVII will include a slew of features such as Achievements, Cloud Saves, Character Booster for those difficult battles, and full PC optimization for the small price of $11.99.

Final Fantasy VII takes place in the city of Midgar where our yet-to-be hero, Cloud, has joined the eco-terrorist group known as Avalanche. Facing against his former employers at Shinra, Cloud must stop President Shinra from slowly choking the planet from it's lifeblood, the Lifestream, while facing ghosts of his past. He'll meet many allies from the somber Red XIII, the quirky ninja named Yuffie, Vincent, the man with a dark past, and more.

Regarded by many as the greatest entry in the franchise, Cloud's adventure will no doubt will be revisited by many fans as well as by those who may have missed out on this RPG gem.

Source: Steam

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