Halo 4 Champions Bundle Announced

By Mike Sousa on July 8, 2013, 2:03PM EDT

During the Rooster Teeth Expo event, the 343 Industries revealed their next additional content for Halo 4. The bundle, entitled "Champions Bundle", will deliver a trio of downloadble content as well as a new multiplayer mode designed "Ricochet".

The "Bullseye Pack" will include 2 new multiplayer maps, inspired on the "The Pit" and "Vertigo" from Halo 3, a new armour and the "Ricochet" multiplayer mode. Richochet introduces 5 vs 5 gameplay in what the developer calls "combat basketball." Players will compete for possession of a ball while scoring points, attacking and defending. Players can either throw the ball into the goal or run it in, which rewards more points. This pack will be avaiable for 480 Microsoft Points.

The "Infinity Armor Pack" and the "Steel Skin Pack" will only deliver new weapons and armours foo your Spartan. Both packs can be bought for 240 Microsoft Points each.

The "Champions Bundle" will be available on the 20th of August for 800 Microsoft Points and will include all 3 packs. This Bundle is not part of Halo 4's "Season Pass".

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