Microsoft's Don Mattrick May Be Zynga's Next CEO

By Jared Scott on July 1, 2013, 3:19PM EST

In a corporate world that is strange enough to begin with, things have gotten even stranger. Mark Pincus, CEO of the struggling Zynga, is looking for someone to pass on the CEO title to, and it looks like that person is none other than the head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment, Don Mattrick.

While Mattrick leaving Microsoft is reported to be unrelated to the restructuring at Microsoft by CEO Steve Balmer, it still leaves many questions unanswered. While Mattrick has not been confirmed as the CEO of Zynga, why would Mattrick leave Microsoft for another company that is not in good shape? Also, does this mean that the Xbox One is still in trouble even after reversing its decision on always online and DRM?

With the reveal of Mattrick looking for another company to work with, two more details have surfaced regarding his decision. One, there is no one to replace Mattirck if and when he steps down. Two, Mattrick is also being considered to take the position as CEO of EA who is also facing challenges of their own.

While opinions of Mattrick have been mixed since the reveal of the Xbox One, there seems to be qualities others see in him that make him a valuable ally or, in this case, CEO. While no decision has been made yet, the final result will have a lasting effect on the gaming industry both in the console and social areas of gaming.

Source: AllThingsD

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