New Pokémon X & Y Video Shows Fishing, Surfing And Battles

By Mike Sousa on July 22, 2013, 10:25AM EST

Pokémon X & Y will be the first in the series to release for Nintendo 3DS, with lots of new pokémon, new features and 3D, both games promise to be two of the best pokémon games to date. Today a new Pokémon X & Y gameplay footage was revealed which should get fans pretty excited.

During an episode of Pokémon Smash, a Japanese TV show, it was shown a 3 minute gameplay footage of the games, along with a small clip from the new anime series. In the video you can see fishing, Pokémon surfing, coastal environment and battles with some of the new Pokémon announced for the game.

Pokémon X & Y will be released worldwide on 12th of October for Nintendo 3DS.

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