Phil Fish Cancels Fez 2 Following Twitter Dispute

By Josh Bull on July 28, 2013, 9:14AM EDT

Phil Fish, the indie developer behind 2010's Fez has cancelled the game's sequel after a Twitter dispute with one of the journalists from GameTrailers called Marcus Beer.

Beer criticized Braid developer Johnathan Blow and Fish on the "Annoyed Gamer" segment of his Invisible Walls podcast, stating that he believes that the two of them should clean up their attitude toward the press.

Beer also called Fish a "wanker" and, when a co-host suggested that Fish comes off as "whiny," Beer went further and called him a "f*ing a***e."

According to Kotaku, as Fish has since set his Twitter account to protected status, Fish exploded on Twitter and demanded an on-air apology. Near the end of Fish's Tweeting at Beer, Fish told Beer to compare their lives and to commit suicide.

Then, Fish went to even further extremes as he announced that he was cancelled production of Fez 2 completely as he was done with the video games industry.

Fish is well known for his criticisms towards Microsoft and is a controversial figure in the indie game scene. Fez was released on Xbox Live Arcade in April 2012 and PC in May of this year. Mac and Linux ports are currently in development. Fez II was in development for PC only.

We attempted to contact Fish's studio Polytron and Marcus Beer for comments, but neither parties responded.

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