PS4's Party Chat, Online Apps And Free-To-Play Games Won't Require Plus Subscription

By Mike Sousa on July 29, 2013, 3:45PM EST

At E3, Sony revealed that in order to play online on the PS4, players would require a PS Plus subscription, however Sony didn't reveal if this was also applied to other online functions. Today Sony answered all this questions and more on a PlayStation Access video (see the video below).

Sony revealed that Party chat will be free to use, which means, you won't need a PS Plus subscription to use it, with other free online functions including online applications like Netflix, and free-to-play games. This differs from the Xbox 360 and Xbox One where you need to pay to use any of these online functions.

The video also confirmed that the PS4 won't support Dualshock 3, you can keep your old PSN ID, your friend list will let you have up to 2000 friends, what PS4 colours will be availale at launch, along with many other details regarding the PlayStation Camera and the Cross Media bar. The PS4 will be available this Fall for $399.

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