0x10c Dropped by Notch, Picked Up By Online Community

By Jared Scott on August 19, 2013, 1:18PM EST

Some sad news for Mojang fans today: Marcus Pearson aka Notch will no longer be developing the sandbox, sci-fi game known as 0x10c. Not wanting to see the project gone for good, an online community headed by Shane Dalton will continue the development of 0x10c themselves.

Mojang's dropping of 0x10c is attributed to Notch simply losing interest in the project which came as a shock to the community. The group heading up the continuation of the game stated that they will start the game from scratch and not use any existing code or material including Notch's name. They have also stated that they will not monetize this project and will only accept donations. The final game will be released for free to further emphasize the open nature of the project.

Though it may take some time for this team of enthusiasts to actually complete the game, fans of 0x10c can perhaps relax knowing that the game is in passionate hands.

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