Best Buy Stores Selling PS Vita 3G For $149.99

By Mike Sousa on August 5, 2013, 4:30PM EDT

A few weeks ago, Sony hinted at the possibility of a price cut for the PS Vita. With the PS4 arriving this Fall and the rumours about a new version of the PS Vita also releasing soon, this would be a wise move from Sony. In a somewhat amazing coincidence, the PS Vita is having a huge price cut on some Best Buy Stores.

The PS Vita 3G is being sold for $149.99, when its original price was $299.99. For now, this huge price cut can only be found in a few Best Buy stores, being one of them (the one where the picture was taken) in Chicago. According to the retailer, this price cut is just for cleaning stock, which may give rise to rumors about the possible bundle with PlayStation 4, a new version of the PS Vita, or even the introduction of a cut in the official price.

The PS Vita will also include an 8GB memory card. If you want to buy a PS Vita this sounds like a perfect oportunity to do so, keep in mind that this is only available in some Best Buy stores at the moment.

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