BioShock Infinite: Elizabeth DLC Will Be "Almost Survival Horror"

By Mike Sousa on August 12, 2013, 7:32PM EST

Irrational Games revealed recently more details about the additional content for BioShock Infinte, Burial at Sea. The producer also addressed the main differences between playing as Booker and Elizabeth, the title's protagonists.

In Burial at Sea, players will return to the setting of the first two titles in the series, Rapture, although these events will take place before the underwater city's fall and destruction. This campaign will be divided into two parts: one where we will have Booker as the playable character, while the other part will provide the opportunity of playing as Elizabeth. In an interview with IGN, Ken Levine, Creative Director of Irrational Games, said that Elizabeth's campaign will be "almost survival horror", while lead level designer, Amanda Jeffrey, said that playing as the female protagonist will focus less on combat and more on strategy.

"Liz is such a different character to Booker, and if we were to just put Booker in a dress, then that would be the most awful betrayal of what we're doing for Liz, and players would just feel like it was a cheap way out, and that's not something that we want to do, she needs to be kind of thinking in a roundabout way of how to deal with her enemies. And, sometimes, that might mean completely bypassing the enemy entirely. It may mean, in another situation, using the enemy's strength against them. We're still trying to work out exactly how extensive Liz's tear abilities will be. I will say, though, that Elizabeth and her tear abilities are not necessarily a 'win button.' So she's not entirely godlike in her abilities. She will have far more powerful ways of interacting with the world than we saw in Infinite proper, but at the same time, it won't just be a case of walking to a space and going" said Jeffrey.

Burial at Sea will campaigns will each be priced at £10/$15 for those that don't have the Season Pass. Release dates for both campaigns are yet to be confirmed.

Source: IGN

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