EA Clarifies Stance On Online Games

By Jared Scott on August 28, 2013, 9:49AM EDT

During their presence at Gamescom, EA made the announcement that they would no longer be making "offline" games. Fearing that their statement had been misinterpreted, Peter Moore, Chief Operation Officer of EA, took to the internet to bring about some clarification on the subject.

Moore explained that nearly every videogame in some way has some connection to social media and the internet. This could be a multiplayer mode, having available updates for download, sharing content with friends, or even downloading the game from the internet onto your console. It is these features that make a game "online" even if the connection isn't an "always online" one.

The COO further explained that not all of EA's titles will require an internet connection. In fact, many of the games coming from EA will continue to have offline modes that will not require any kind of internet connection. "We know that's something many of our players want," said Peter Moore, "and we will continue to deliver it."

Peter Moore also touched some on the confusion surrounding EA's Free-To-Play model. He stated that while many of EA's games have a F2P model, not every game will have this option. However, he continued to say that EA will continue to experiment with the F2P model in their games.

While Peter Moore's efforts to clarify misunderstandings are noble, one would think that a company as large as EA would have been more careful to not make this mistake in the first place.

Source: EA

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