Gamescom 2013: Little Big Planet HUB Announced

By Spencer Pressly on August 20, 2013, 4:45PM EST

Little Big Planet has quickly become one of Sony's most popular new brands to come out of the PS3 and today a brand new addition to the LBP universe has been announced today. Little Big Planet Hub will be the series first attempt at free to play.

LBP HUB for the PS3 will be the best way to experience everything in LBP and LBP2 along with the millions of community levels being created every day. A brand new level with all sorts of new collectable costumes will be included along with the first worlds from LBP and LBP2. So right off the bat you have 16 free levels to play with your friends whenever you want.

The full create mode will also be available and will help you make any kind of level your imagination can come up with. Mix that with the millions of levels already online and LBP HUB could be the best free to play game to come out in years in terms of sheer content.

If you already own a copy of LBP and/or LBP2, your profiles and costumes can easily transfer over to LBP HUB. LBP HUB will release on PSN for free sometime in 2013 for PS3. Do you plan on picking up LBP HUB and trying out the new content? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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