Gamescom 2013: Over 15 Indie Games Coming To PlayStation

By Spencer Pressly on August 20, 2013, 5:12PM EDT

The PlayStation brand is continuing it's indie support much more than most people thought in it's Gamescom 2013 conference. There were so many indie games coming to PS3, Vita, and PS4 that you might have forgotten Sony had 1st party studio games.

The first indie game shown off was the creepy Murasaki Baby that was made specifically for the PS Vita and has a very creepily adorable art style. Next up, Velocity 2X, Starbound, and the critically adored Fez is coming to Vita and PS4 (Fez will also be on PS3). Mike Bithell's (Thomas Was Alone) next project featuring music and stealth called Volume will be launching exclusively on PS4 and Vita first. N++ also joins the exclusive indie release list as it will release first on PS4 this Winter.

Continuing the flood of indie game announcements, creators of the hit title Dear Esther are bringing their next title called Everybody's Gone To The Rapture first to PS4. The recently released and already smash hit title Rouge Legacy will be coming to PS4 and Vita in 2014. Guns of Icarus Online will also bring the PC hit to PS4. Hotline Miami has been a great success on PS3/Vita so far and Hotline Miami 2 will come to consoles first on PS4 and Vita.

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