Guild Wars 2 Becomes Fastest Selling MMO

By Darryl Kaye on August 18, 2013, 11:18AM EST

ArenaNet has announced that Guild Wars 2 is now the fastest selling MMO title in history, following sales from North America and Europe.

Guild Wars 2 has managed to sell more than three million copies since its release, which was over nine months ago now. However, it's worth noting that ArenaNet hasn't included MMO expansions in this statistic.

When looking at expansions, World of Warcraft is still way ahead - Cataclysm managed to sell 3.3 million copies within its first 24 hours on sale.

Guild Wars 2 will soon become more accessible to new people, as ArenaNet has made it possible for you to trial the game first. This will take place between the 23rd of August and 26th of August. To do that, you can go here.

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