New Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Screenshots Show Off Trophies, Summons, and Scenery

By Melissa Evans on August 11, 2013, 10:10PM EST

Today the latest batch of Final Fantasy X|X-2 screenshots has been posted online and there are tons for us to feast our eyes on. We get a look at the newly remastered locations within the world of Spira, Yuna summoning Shiva and Ifrit, and a glimpse at the trophies that can be unlocked in both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game. Check them out bellow.

Some more detailed information on the game's music is also available. An earlier report stated that around 60 tracks from FFX would get new arrangements. The main musical director and arranger will be Masashi Hamauzu along with Keiji Kawamori. Other arrangers are Junya Nakano, Tsutomu Narita, and Hirosato Noda. Nobou Uematsu will return but this time we will only be providing minimal support.

On the other hand, Final Fantasy X-2 will not be seeing any new arrangements for its HD version, however we should expect that the sound quality itself should be a bit better. The music for this version will come straight from the OST instead of the PS2 copy.

Square Enix still hasn't given out the game's release date but it's still planed to release some time by the end of this year.

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