Ouya Launches Bizarre Vomiting Ad

By Mike Sousa on August 21, 2013, 11:24AM EDT

One of the Ouya strongest points compared to other gaming consoles is the fact that the console and its games are relatively cheap. Earlier today, the Ouya has been promoted in a new ad that was uploaded on the company's official YouTube channel, dubbed "Sixty bucks for a game?" However, this ad might not be what people were expecting.

The commercial featured vomiting and animated violence, causing quite the confusion to those that saw it. The video was removed shortly after being live. On the video, a male complains about being ripped off by a game called Medal of Duty that costs $60, then proceeds to vomit a lot and then pulls out his own spinal cord, and continues to hit himself over the head until his brain is exposed.

It's possible that the Ouya's channel might have been hacked, with the video being uploaded by a another party.

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