PS Vita Summer Select Announced For North America

By Spencer Pressly on August 19, 2013, 7:46PM EDT

While the Vita has been quiet for most of this summer in terms of games to play, Sony is making sure you will be busy with the PS Vita Summer Select games starting tomorrow. This Summer Select will only be for North America. Each week a brand new cross-buy game will release and be 20% off for PS+ users during that games launch week.

The first game over this four week event will be Divekick. Divekick is a two button fighter that takes the fighting game genre and brings it to it's most basic yet addictive form. The next game is the hightly anticipated PlayStation port of Spelunky (which has just recently been ported to PC). Spelunky will challenge you to delve deeper and deeper into mysterious caves and not lose your life in the process. After that, Kickbeat will release from the makers of Zen Pinball. KickBeat will have you fighting off hoards of enemies to the beat of the music. Finally, the highly anticipated Dragon Fantasy: Book II will release. Continuing the story from Book I, this classic JRPG inspired game will have an upgraded 16/32-bit look similar to the SNES.

There seem to be a game for almost anyone to enjoy in the PS Vita Summer Select and with all four games supporting cross-buy, the 20% discount looks even better. What game are you most excited to play in this Summer Select and why? Let us know what your answer is in the comments below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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