Sazh And Mog Make Their Return In Lightning Returns

By Melissa Evans on August 21, 2013, 6:01AM EST

Two characters from the Final Fantasy XIII universe will be making an appearance in Lightning Returns. Sazh one of the main characters from Final Fantasy XIII and Mog from its sequel.

Sazh now lives in a crashed airship he converted into a house. Not being able to save his son Dajh for hundreds of years, Sazh has been feeling tormented. Dajh, collapsed and has not awakened for quite some time. The Sazh we meet in Lightning Returns is a different Sazh than the one in Final Fantasy XIII. Sazh wishes to revive his son but can not do so because Dajh's soul is in far off place. Lumina may know something about this. Lightning will be able to find clues on how to save Dajh by finding a baby blue chocobo.

Hundreds of years have passed and Mog regrets not being able to protect Serah. Thankfully Lightning forgives him. After the events of XIII-2, Mog was sucked into a vortex and wandered aimlessly in the Void Beyond. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Mog is now the leader of Moogle Village.

Not only did we receive information on the return of old faces but some new abilities, locations and new features have been revealed. A new garb for Lightning called the Heartstealer arms her with a rapier. This outfit provides a more agile feel and gives her an edge when evading attacks. When Lightning freezes time by using Overclock she can activate Army of One. This lets her do a barrage of attacks while you switch between the three different types of garb that you have equipped.

The fourth continent in Nove Chrysalia was revealed called the Wildlands. It is the only known area of wilderness left in this dying world. It can be compared to Gran Pulse where you'll find monsters running free. The Moogle Village is located in this area along with the Wildlands Station which is carved into the mountain. Players can also find a white chocobo in the Wildlands that will only respond to Lightning. This chocobo is wounded and is named the "Angel of Valhalla". Lightning saved it from a monster attack. You can nurse the chocobo back to health by collecting gyshal greens from villagers.

Finally a new trailer straight from Gamescom details the information above and more. Snow faces off against Lightning and Sazh is shown with his chocobo friend once again. Check it out bellow along with some screenshots.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases in North America on February 11, 2014 and February 14th in Europe for both PS3 and 360.

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