Sony Announces PlayStation Vita Pets

By Mike Sousa on August 15, 2013, 2:36PM EDT

Sony has announced today on PlayStation Blog a new game for PS Vita, PlayStation Vita Pets. The game will be similar to Nintendogs, but with a few key differences.

Being produced at Spiral House, PlayStation Vita Pets will allow players to choose one of four dogs to take care of, bath, play, and dress up in costumes. One of key differences when compared to Nintendogs, is that you can take your dog on adventures, such as exploring caves, dungeons and castels. Another key difference is the fact that your dog can speak to you, and each canine has it's own voice. In addition, through the Vita's AR technology you can also see your pet roaming around your house and garden.

PlayStation Vita Pets will be released in Europe in 2014, with no word yet on a North American release for the game.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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