The Last Of Us Version 1.03 Detailed

By Spencer Pressly on August 29, 2013, 5:20AM EST

In a rather surprising piece of news today, Naughty Dog has detailed the latest patch for The Last of Us with version 1.03. This new patch will not only fix many issues currently known about in the game, but will also balance the multiplayer along with add a brand new game mode called Interrogation for FREE!

If you thought the multiplayer in The Last of Us was intense before, Interrogation will be adding much more for your team to take care of. This mode will be split up into two objectives. First players will have to interrogate members of the other team for information about their safe. After enough information is gathered then you must crack into the other teams safe before they find a way into your.

This mode will be all about knowing how to not only defend your safe, but keep the pressure on the other team to get their safe open. Adding this brand new multiplayer mode in along with a bunch of other balance patches for free is a great show of faith for Naughty Dog. The patch has gone live worldwide by the time you read this, so do you plan on trying out Interrogation mode? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Official PS Blog

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