Tomb Raider's Producer Talks About Lara Croft's Character Development

By Mike Sousa on August 28, 2013, 9:17AM EST

Noah Hughes, Creative Director for Crystal Dynamics, said during a recent session of Q&A, that the path of Lara Croft to become a tomb raider is almost an "involuntary obsession." When asked if Lara would be in a romantic relationship soon, Hughes said that the protagonist doesn't have time for that, due to being constantly traveling in search of archaeological treasures.

"[Lara's jouney] starts as her being an archeology geek, but it becomes an all-consuming passion that ultimately she's willing to risk her life for. Part of Lara's journey is to struggle with balancing what it means to be a young person growing up, and what it means to have the responsibilities of a Tomb Raider. Lara has to prioritize. She doesn't have room for a significant other in her life "” she doesn't have enough left over after archeology and what becomes Tomb Raiding. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings," said Hughes.

Noah Hughes also said that the production team's goal is to try to create a look at the "Tomb Raider life." Lara's early years will instead include the tension of the life she could have lived if her journey had been different.

Although Tomb Raider failed to achieve Square Enix's expections, the game managed to sell over 4 million copies. The producer already confirmed that a sequel to Tomb Raider is already in production for the next generation consoles, although no further details were revealed.

Source: Polygon

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