Ubisoft: Kinect Will Never Be Perfect

By Mike Sousa on August 28, 2013, 2:02PM EST

Last week, during the Gamescom event, Ubisoft announced Fighter Within, a fighting game exclusively for Xbox One, where players will have to use the Kinect in order to play. Although the Xbox One comes with a new and improved Kinect, Nicolas Joye, Producer of Fighter Within, said to NowGamer that despite the Kinect technology being quite impressive, it still has some limitations and will never function as desired by the player.

"It's not perfect, it'll never be perfect because it's one camera to detect 3D movements. So that can never work perfectly, but they've done a huge job in terms of software behind it," said Joye. The producer continues on to say that one camera alone, in not enough to detect depth within a 3D environment. "You're facing a camera and the camera can tell what moves you are making but it does not have a second angle to deal with depth and stuff like that."

Still, Joye was keen to ensure that the new Kinect is a very significant improvement over the previous Kinect, and its success will be closely linked to the success of Xbox One, which in turn can influence the success of his title, Fighter Within.

Source: NowGamer

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