We're Back

By Darryl Kaye on August 27, 2013, 1:52PM EST

I'm pleased to say that we're finally back online and ready for action after what's been probably the biggest content blackout since the site began way back in 2009.

The main root of the problem was that on the 21st of August, someone found an exploit with our systems and managed to break a lot of the site's functionality. There's nothing to indicate that anything was stolen database-wise, the code was just messed about with on the site.

Those who follow the site then probably noticed that things took a step backwards as we had to roll back to a previous snapshot of the site. However, this back-up also didn't go as planned - we couldn't post up content and everything got reverted to almost a week prior.

We've been planning to move to a new server platform for a little while, and since we couldn't post up content, we felt that this therefore represented the perfect time to transition. Hopefully things are running quite smoothly now and we can all one day look back at this and laugh it off. But yes, apologies to everyone who uses the forums who've had their posts disappearing in the last week. It's not an ideal situation, but we just had to flip the switch.

Moving forward, we're going to get back to pumping out the content and we're planning to have the next generation of GamingUnion.net live within the next two months. It'll look nice and new, but there will also be a responsive design for both tablets and mobiles (woo hoo!)

Thanks again for all your patience during what's been a rather trying week.

  • Darryl
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